About us

About Parnasree Jeewandeep Seva Sansthan

Parnasree Jeewandeep Seva Sansthan commonly known as PJSS is a nongovernmental and non profitable organization registered under registration of society act XXXVI of 1961 on 23 rd july two thousand eighteen, and working at its registered office 83D,Sagar Manna Road Parnasree Kolkata- 700060.Our object is to establish a sound and healthy atmosphere in society by organizing different programs for enhancement of quality life for people and their surroundings.

Our Mission

PJSS is all set for its mission of Save life decorate life We value for life and its beautification as this is the need of the hour to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for life of a living being. Where the life seems to be full of anxiety, helplessness and wandering for many, we stand by them at their need and extend support for better opportunity available with us.

Our Vision

The vision for our organization as stated in our mission plan of Save life decorate life is to reach out and locate the deprived class who are by one or other mean are derailed from main streamline and needs immediate help.

Our Goal

Our main objective for creation of this organization has definite goal of decorating life for deprived class but at the same time we organize different other programs such as forestry for development and protection of environment, to arrange for social and cultural function ,to organize free medical services at primary level and many such events which helps people and create harmony in society.

Our Team

Jageshwar Singh


Dinesh Gupta

Vice President

Nirmal Kumar Singh


Gourav Bajpai

Asst. Secretary

Sweta Singh


Rajiv Singh